Do I Need Renters Insurance?

Do I Need Renters Insurance in Idaho Falls?

It’s always wise to carry renter’s and personal property insurance. Even if you’re a renter in an apartment, condo, or home, this coverage should be viewed no differently than homeowner’s insurance because the unexpected can happen.

Think about this — without property and personal insurance what happens if you’re living on the top floor, and the bathtub overflows causing damage to your unit, and three other units below yours? Bottom line, you will be personally responsible for the damage that can amount to thousands of dollars.

To cite another example, where do you stand in the event of a burglary? What happens if your expensive home computer and iPad are stolen? Regardless of whether you rent, own, or lease in Idaho or Utah, we can help you find an excellent policy that meets your personal needs.

At Floyd Insurance Group, we’re committed to helping our customers with affordable insurance policies based on their personal needs. Our extensive list of insurance providers allows us to find the ideal insurance solutions for your needs and individual budget.

For additional information about homeowner’s, renters property and personal insurance, auto insurance along with commercial insurance in the greater Idaho Falls area, please contact us at Floyd Insurance Group.